Plan of Attack 

We will meet the enemy where he Preys. In the mind. Intelligence has learned that he likes to consume our minds and time with minuscule things like bills, relationships, and addiction. The enemy has our people's minds so wrapped up in their situation, they don't have time to dedicate to GOD or the Word. 

Most people wear makeup to hide behind fear, abuse, or scars. These are the people GOD wants to heal. Since we know meditation allows us to hear GOD, the plan is to camouflage the weapons in makeup or what we call warpaint.


Our people will be reading and ingesting the word. Once we've infiltrated the enemy's line we will teach them how to use their artillery! Once our new battle buddies know how to use the "product", they will be able to fight for themselves.



No man or woman will be left behind. We are only as strong as our weakest link!

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