Emily J’s Testimony:

“I am above and not beneath”


“I am the head and not the tail”


“I have authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and all the power of the enemy”


According to

Deuteronomy 28:13 

"The LORD your God will make you the head and not the tail placing you above and no beneath if you obey the commands of the LORD your God that I'm giving you today to keep and observe.”


Luke 10:19

“Look, I have given you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; nothing will ever harm you.”


Many times, I found myself believing the lies of the enemy. The lies became so loud I started to adopt them. I believed I was unlovable, I believed I was unworthy, and I believed I was forgotten. I had given up hope. So many times, the enemy had me in his grip begging me to end it all. I w  ent years battling this internal demon. I fought tooth and nail because I did not have the necessary weapons to overcome the warfare. I had been dealing with health issues and I was not tending to them because I was waiting to die. I was literally about that “YOLO” life, lol.


One day, after totally giving up on myself and GOD, I heard a voice say, “You will not die!” (This was not due to any drugs, lol!) In that moment I felt GOD although I had stopped believing in him. I knew it was GOD because of the shift in my spirit. It was like the “knowing” you feel in a dream where nothing has been explained but you know exactly what is happening. I told GOD, “I hear you! When My birthday comes, I’m going to get it together.” Can you imagine telling GOD what you’re going to do?


I spent that summer living what I thought was my best life. Little did I know, GOD was moving things around. I started having desires of the kingdom that I never had, I started cutting some activities out that I wasn’t necessarily keen on giving up, and I started praying for myself. After my birthday “turn-up”, I became a completely different person. I went to the doctor and things weren’t as bad as I thought but if I hadn’t gone it would have gotten detrimental. (GOD had saved me from myself!)  I started going to my sister’s church. I had been there before and joined. I felt I needed to belong to a church because that’s how I was raised. This time was different. I was desperate to live because I heard GOD.


The something I needed I could only get from GOD and the prophetic and I found it at my church home. The Holy Spirit led me back to The Celebration Church, Pastor Michael A. Edwards II, Lady Dee Edwards, and my now church family. I was being transformed by the Word, but my flesh was still desiring what used to ease my pain. Pastor Mike started a series that November that gave me a new perspective on the Holy Spirit. I did not truly understand the spirit or GOD until I heard this message. I then went through a series of traumatic events that allowed me to hear GOD and feel the Holy Spirit work through me. As I allowed GOD to heal me and the spirit to fill me, I recognized my worth, my influence, and my purpose.


I had faked a smile to the world my entire life. My charismatic personality led people to believe I was “everything” and that my life was so amazing when truly I was living in my own hell. The Word combined with my renewed relationship with GOD, allowed me to break down every lie, sever every illegal soul tie, and cancel every assignment of the enemy on my life. Now trust, I didn't do it alone. My leaders poured into me. It was like my spirit was in the infirmary and had to be nursed back to health due to the beatings I had endured. Once I placed my broken pieces into the hands of GOD, He restored me. I vowed I would never allow myself to be beaten down by the enemy again. The next time he showed his face I would be ready for war!  

Holding firm to my vow, I began to strengthen my armor with the Word of GOD. I started to read the Word, but it was hard. I couldn’t focus and the words were running together. I wondered, how I can remember the lyrics to a rap song or every phrase from memes I only scrolled past, but not the Word that I’m trying to study. This is my armor; this is my strength, but I couldn’t remember it to use when I needed it the most. I noticed I retained everything I read, including labels. What if the labels contained the Word I thought? GOD then reintroduced me to myself. Every day of my life, I had been preparing to face the world with a lie covered in makeup, but no longer did I need to hide behind it.

I would spend time with the Holy Spirit while applying my makeup and GOD would speak directly to me. We would discuss the Word concerning me and I was remembering scripture! It brought me to Ephesians 6:10. At that moment, I realized I was applying warpaint not makeup. I was arming myself for the attacks that would come throughout the day. I was ready! I was strapped. I was locked and loaded!

Confidence has become a way of life for me. Every time the enemy says I am not good enough, I’ll never be anything, or you’re too damaged to be used by GOD, I declare,



I am now living the life GOD blessed me with. When I wear make up, there is a new glory to my radiance.  I'm no longer made up in fear, I'm made over. 

You see, I allowed God to pour into me while putting on my ‘warpaint’ that I have deemed WordPaint. I now FACE the world in CONFIDENCE. No fear shall stop what is going forth through me in the name of Jesus!

© 2020 Emily J Presents WordPaint Proudly created by Emily J 

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