WordPaint Business Session 1  

Welcome! Come in, take a seat. I'm Emily J. the Visionary. Thank you for meeting with me. We have some serious business to discuss. The enemy is out like a roaring lion seeking to devour God's people and I'm not here for it. Have you seen the news reports? Our people are dying and suffering from diseases, succumbing to the plots of the enemy. They are being tortured with depression, anxiety, abandonment, rejection, and just plain ole pain. Are we going to sit back and take it? NOPE. I don't think so. I've been talking to the Holy Spirit and he has confirmed what I already knew. It's time for drastic measures people. We have to take back what was stolen from us. We have to reclaim our time. It's time out for games. No more. We're done. 


I know this is radical, but.. 

As a member of the body of Christ, I move that we officially declare war on hell.


Will you second that motion? 



What if each person lived according to their purpose? Our world, what we see, would look so much better than it does now. We must allow the Word to build us up, so we can stand up, to the facade before us and get to the life GOD has destined us for. So many of our people Don't know the power of the Word of GOD; it is our armor and our weapon. We have to hit the battlefield and teach others how to use it. With love, acceptance, and the word, we will nurture and arm the body of Christ.   

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